19th June 2014


Congratulations to all children who took part in the District Athletics competition.

After much hard work over two exhausting evenings, both girls and boys finished second in our district.

A special mention must be given to year 6 girls as they performed fabulously both evenings.

Thank you to all parents who attended and gave their support.

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Detailed below, is a list of all scoring children from the athletics.

Year 5 Girls

800m – Jenny Grant (Y4) 3rd

Year 5 Boys

60m hurdles – George Sherlock 4th

60m hurdles – Reece Rakeeb 5th

75m – Jake Chamberlain – 8th

135m – Harvey Strachan 2nd

800m – Michael Sword-Gargan 3rd

Relay – 3rd place

Long Jump – Luca Lloyd 2nd

Year 6 Girls

60m hurdles – Kerris Ware 3rd

75m – Erin Sword-Gargan 1st

75m – Libby Sunter 7th

135m – Heidi Sayer 9th

800m – Ellie Young 1st

Relay – 1st place

Long Jump –¬†Erin Sword-Gargan 2nd

Long Jump – Daisy Wilkinson 5th

High Jump – Ellie Young 1st

High Jump – Nui Thongbua 3rd

Year 6 Boys

60m hurdles – Alex Thompson 6th

60m hurdles – Dominic Lunt 8th

75m – Harry Hatton 3rd

75m – Jake Buckley 5th

135m – Adam Barlow 6th

135m – Josh Keenan 9th

Relay – 3rd place

High Jump – Alex Thompson 3rd


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