School Uniform

To order school uniform from our supplier please get in touch with Laser Schoolwear on 0151 228 8800 or visit the website to purchase online at  

Our children have all too much pressure over their appearance and can be encouraged to be overly aware of how they look when young. We want our young people to be interested in enjoying learning, fascinated by their amazing world, getting on with each other and playing. It is wrong to encourage children to judge themselves or other people on their outward appearance.

This is the main reason for our having a school uniform at Bright Stars.


Children’s time in school should be free from the pressures of being overly concerned with outward appearance so they can focus on developing their inner qualities and think and learn about the world.

  • No jewellery please, stud earrings may be worn if newly pierced (for 6 weeks only), yet must be covered by tape. The child must be able to remove them him/herself for PE (if you must have your child’s ears pierced please do so at the beginning of the summer holiday).
  • No make~up, nail varnish, spiked or gelled hair ~ we are interested in inner beauty!
  • Long hair must be tied back ~ headlice are very fond of primary schools and infections are less likely when hair is under control.


There’s no such thing as bad weather . . .

. . .only the wrong clothes!

We play out in drizzle and cold weather. Children need a waterproof on all but the sunniest days. Children need a coat when the weather is cold. A vest helps them keep warm in the long lunchtime play. In Summer they should bring sun cream if they are very sensitive to sunlight and a sun hat.

If we are too hot or too cold we get grumpy, then we fall out with people and do not learn well.