Creative Arts Project

Our creative arts journey begins!

Over the past nine months, Bright Stars and Rudston Primary School have been involved in the local authority Creative Arts project, working alongside other PVI and school settings. The aims of the project were:

  • To research the potential of the creative arts to improve outcomes in PSED, CL, EAD and embed the Characteristics of Effective Learning.
  • To explore the role of the adult in developing the creative arts in schools and settings.
  • To develop a repertoire of wide ranging skills that can be used to improve children’s access to a diverse range of creative experiences.
  • To explore ways of working with parents and the wider community.

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We began by reflecting on our indoor spaces and opportunities for creativity. The art area was rearranged to revive interest and make it more accessible for the children. We also had a number of visitors who came to the setting to work with the children.

Debbie gave us some fantastic ideas for outdoor art and the children experimented with natural objects, paint, spray bottles, rollers, pan brushes… and even fly swatters!

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Miso’shi , a Ghanian storyteller, told us the story of how the elephant got its trunk. We had a wonderful time becoming elephants and escaping from the crocodiles!



Georgina, a music specialist, showed us that you don’t need instruments to make fantastic music!

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Our journey has shown us that creative arts can support all areas of children’s learning and development…but most important of all, it’s great fun!!!