Y6 Stop Animation

Stop animation is great fun! You will have watched so many different things that are created in this way – the one that most people know and remember is Wallace and Gromit.

YOUR LATEST CHALLENGE is to create some Stop Animation film yourself. Sounds difficult, but it really really isn’t that hard! Take a look at the following videos…

The first gives you some idea of what it is all about and how it is done.

We would like you to have a go using the FREE app available on all phones and tablets… STOP MOTION STUDIO. (Available on Google Play or Apple’s App Store.)

The app is very simple to use. Very intuitive, just requires a little patience and resilience! Below is a tutorial video on how to use the app.

The results are really impressive! With a little bit of time and creativity, you can come up with any kind of result. Some good suggestions are in the first BBC video above.

Take a look at our first efforts!


We would like you to come up with a “story”, similar to that of “The Lost Soldier.” Something very simple, something very easy. Something that is filmed with a series of photos taken and items ‘moving’. I used simple little figurines or toys from my house. You could do the same or use plasticine or Play Dough.

Think carefully about it! What is the “story” you are going to tell? Who are the characters? What is the setting? What will they do? What will they say? All this goes very easily into the Stop Motion Studio App and exports fantastically to create a movie.

This won’t take 5 minutes! It is a tough job which will require Rudston resilience to complete. But the fun you can have along the way is excellent and it will be a great sense of achievement when you produce your first animation movie!

HAVE A GO! Email any efforts to [email protected] or Tweet them to @rudstony6