Choir 2019/20

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Welcome to the Choir website for 2019/20! 

Here are the choreography videos for the Peace Proms!

DO YOUR VERY RUDSTON BEST to learn the words AND the actions to each of these songs.


These are YouTube links. Adverts may appear as part of the third party website, both prior to and during the chosen videos. Rudston Primary School cannot take responsibility for any of the items that may be displayed. Please supervise your child’s Internet usage.

Kind regards, Mr Thomas!

The download links below will allow you to access a copy of each of the song vocals. Each version has been adapted to the choir’s vocal pitch and this will be the way it will be sung during the performance.

Be Aware

Each download has been kindly provided by the Peace Proms team to ensure the choir can rehearse outside of school. These songs should not be further shared under any circumstances.

We will be uploading the backing tracks for each of these songs within the next few weeks, which the choir should be encouraged to use.

Happy rehearsing and thank you for your ongoing support.


Cathedral Choir

Here is a copy of the songs that will be performed during the Scrooge performance.