Choir 2017

Welcome to the Choir website for 2017! 

Here are some more videos for the Peace Proms!

DO YOUR VERY RUDSTON BEST to learn the words AND the actions to each of these songs.

Reach – S Club 7

Pop Medley

Hairspray Medley

Disney / Dreamworks Medley


As I am sure you’re aware by now, the Peace Proms takes place on Saturday 27th January 2018. Save Tickets available through the Echo Arena website. Link straight to it by clicking the image below.

We wanted to have part of our website for you to know what we are doing in choir and in particular to let you know the songs for the Peace Proms 2018…even share a sneak preview…


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Kind regards from Mr Griffiths and Miss Webster!

A Hairspray medley…

A Disney medley!

(Just the chorus of the one below!)