Design and Technology


The 2014 National Curriculum for Design Technology aims to ensure that all children: At Rudston Primary we are fully committed to providing a D.T. curriculum that allows children to be creative, practical and reflective.

Through our D.T. curriculum we aim to encourage and develop children who can tackle challenges which reflect real life contexts. We aim for children to become resourceful and innovative in their approaches to tasks posed. There are opportunities for children to explore various design elements of the past, the present and future and their impact on the wider world.

Children are given the responsibility to work with technical tools and equipment safely. Children leave Rudston Primary School with the ability to plan, design, build and evaluate a range of high quality products becoming enterprising and capable citizens.

At Rudston Primary School, we believe that developing Design Technology skills provides a valuable educational, social and cultural experience for our pupils. We want to expand their personal horizons, instil in them a love of learning and to foster inquisitive minds, resilience, self-motivation and respect for all.

At Rudston we are committed to teaching Design Technology to every child from Bright Stars to Year 6. Children leave Rudston, with confidence in sharing their DT skills, as well as understanding and respect for other cultures, and customs.

At Rudston we believe that through our Design Technology curriculum, we provide enjoyment and prepare our children for the next steps in their education and for the future beyond.

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