Eco Schools

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Our Eco Code

Reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

Use water & energy wisely.

Discover different wildlife.

Sow seeds to grow

Travel safely & sensibly, walk to school when you can.

Open your hearts and care for your planet.

Nuture our world, think about its future.

This year, a new group of children have been appointed by their peers to be a part of our school’s Eco-Committee. The Eco-Committee  will share a range of responsibilities including energy saving and recycling, and will continue to learn how they can look after their school and local environment. The Eco-Committee will work alongside Miss Smith to lead assemblies and Eco themed weeks throughout the year, for all the children and staff to take part in. We are hoping that the Eco-Committee can have a positive impact on our school and help us to achieve the ‘Eco Schools’ Award.

Our Eco Team 2017/2018:

Year 2 

Stickman – Jamie & Lauren

Smartest Giants –  Bella &  Jack

Year 3

Giraffes – Ela & Ross

Enormous Crocodiles – Abigail  & Sam

Year 4

Minpins  – Lucie  & Robert

Fantastic Mr Foxes – Ruby  & Jack

Year 5

Oompa Lumpas – Faye & Aarron

The Witches – Layla & George

Year 6

The Big Friendly Giants – Jacob & Ella

Bogtrotters – Sadie & Karl

Key dates

Switch off Fortnight:  20th November – 3rd December 2017

Rudston Waste Week:  19th – 23rd March 2018

Walk to School Week: 14th-18th May 2018

Living Streets’ Walk to School Campaign 

We are please to announce that Rudston Primary school has joined Living Streets Walk to School Campaign. Since December, pupils have been taking part in WOW (Walk Once a Week), the year round walk to school challenge. Pupils have been logging their daily journeys to school on the WOW Travel Tracker to earn their WOW badges each month.

To earn their WOW badge, children have had to commute to school at least once a week, by either walking, cycling or scooting.

Learning all about WOW and meeting Strider  

Tracking our daily journeys


Celebrating our Success



Showing off our badges


2016/2017 Archive

Waste week 6th-10th March 2017

Leading up to waste week this coming week, children have had an assembly on the theme of upcycling. Some of our eco-warriors presented posters on the importance of upcycling and some created their own upcycled projects.

Details of the assembly can be found below and the competition which children can enter to win the school £300 worth of amazon vouchers can be found here at

Walk to School Month October 2016

As part of International Walk to school month we encourage as many parents and children to leave their cars at home and get fit by walking to school. See below for more information.

International Walk to School Month


Switch off fortnight November 2016

The school recently took part in switch off fortnight which was an incentive for teachers to remember to switch off lights and interactive whiteboards during lunchtimes to save energy and money. Our eco-warriors rewarded them with stickers on a chart underneath the light.

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