Eco Schools

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Our Eco Code

Reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

Use water & energy wisely.

Discover different wildlife.

Sow seeds to grow

Travel safely & sensibly, walk to school when you can.

Open your hearts and care for your planet.

Nuture our world, think about its future.

Every year, a new group of children are appointed by their peers to be a part of our school’s Eco-Committee. The Eco-Committee  share a range of responsibilities including energy saving and recycling. The Eco-Committee will work alongside Miss Smith to lead assemblies and Eco themed weeks throughout the year, for all the children and staff to take part in.  We are hope that the Eco-Committee can have a positive impact on our school and local environment and encourage all children and Families at Rudston, to be responsible members of the local community who care for their planet.

Key dates

Walking Wednesdays: Every Wednesday during term time

Switch off Fortnight:  November 2019

Rudston Waste Week:  March 2020

Earth Hour: 28th March 2020

Earth Day: 22nd April 2020

City Nature Challenge: 24th – 27th April 2020

Walk to School Week: May 2020

National Walking Month: May 2020


Useful Websites


The Big Battery Hunt 

We are pleased to inform you that that Rudston Primary School is still taking part in an exciting recycling challenge called ‘The Big Battery Hunt’. As  a school, we decided to take part in this nationwide campaign to help recycle more batteries. We believe recycling batteries can make a real difference to our planet, and we want to inspire our pupils to care for the environment, now and in the future.

Each child  has received  collection box which they can fill with batteries and then return to school.  We are aiming to fill a larger battery bin full of batteries so we can send them off to be recycled.

Our school will be in with a chance of winning some great prizes for helping to collect as many batteries as possible and will also be helping the environment too!

Please fill your collection box and return it to school with any of the following batteries: AAA, AA, C or D.

duracell big battery hunt with rabbits and explanation of campaign

Walking Wednesday

This year at Rudston, we will be continuing with our walking Wednesdays  to encourage our families to walk to school at least once a week. As a school we aim to promote physical activity and to reduce congestion around our school.  Every Wednesday different members of staff will meet children and their families at our two meeting points ( the Cadwa & the Childwall Methodist Church)  and walk with them to school. Children who walk to school will receive stickers and have their journeys logged on our Living Streets Travel Tracker and the Marathon Tracker.

Meeting Point: Cadwa on Rocky lane (8:20)  Childwall Methodist Church on Score Lane (8:35)


Living Streets’ Walk to School Campaign 

We are pleased to announce that Rudston Primary school  is still part of the  Living Streets Walk to School Campaign. Since December 2017 , pupils have been taking part in WOW (Walk Once a Week), the year round walk to school challenge. Pupils have been logging their daily journeys to school on the WOW Travel Tracker to earn their WOW badges each month.

To earn their WOW badge, children have had to commute to school at least once a week, by either walking, cycling or scooting.


Eco Club

This year in our Eco Club we became ‘Plastic Investigators’.

In Eco Club we worked as a team to …

  • Investigate different materials so we could identify what we could use instead of plastic
  • Make pledges identifying things we could do to help look after our planet
  • Design and put posters around school encouraging our community to recycle and use less plastic
  • Create ‘Oceans of the Future’ to so the implications the use of plastic is having on our planet