School Grounds


We are passionate about children having natural, inviting outdoor areas that encourage exploration. Research shows that the welling of our children and the ecological diversity of their learning landscapes are intrinsically linked. We have been on a long journey in developing our grounds and are recognised city wide for our drive and commitment in this area.

Our vision is to promote and support other school and settings in developing their own grounds and we have recently become members of the international school grounds movement (ISGA), which is growing rapidly and flourishing in many places.  Schools near and far are reimagining their grounds, replacing extensive paved surfaces with a vibrant mosaic of outdoor learning and play opportunities. Schools in dozens of countries are leading the way, finding innovative approaches that weave learning into their landscapes, diversify their recreational offerings, enhance their local ecology, and reflect their unique location and cultural context.

The ISGA believes that school grounds should:

  • provide powerful opportunities for hands-on learning
  • nurture students’ physical, social and emotional development and wellbeing
  • reflect and embrace their local ecological, social and cultural context
  • embrace risk-taking as an essential component of learning and child development
  • be open public spaces, accessible to their communities

We will continue on our journey and provide a sustainable green environment for all of our children.