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Resilience; core value: What is resilience? Who shows it? Where might we have seen resilience in action recently?


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STEM week 2: An update of our ongoing research and discovery regarding ‘The Satellite’.

STEM week 1: Discovery…what is it?


Reading Focus Week: A round-up from our Love of Reading week…songs, interviews, stories; enjoy!

Christmas Special: Enjoy sing-a-long songs from our fabulous Christmas performances!

Respect; our core value: Values in school and beyond…choir performance too!

Remembrance Day 2017: we reflect upon this important day. What does it mean to us?

Eco Schools: This week, some of our Eco Warriors join us to share everything that we’ve been doing to help our environment and community this year at Rudston.

Enjoyment: At Rudston, we believe school – and life in general – should be enjoyable. So much so, it is one of our Core Values… Year 1 and Year 6 discuss enjoyment at school.

The Art of Being Brilliant: How can you be a Pig of Happiness?

Resilience: What does our Core Value actually mean?

World Book Day: This week we discuss our ‘love of reading’ at Rudston.

The Triffid: This week we discussed the strange happenings in the Rudston wilderness…

Challenge: This week explored what it means to challenge ourselves and how we can achieve a challenge we set ourselves.

Love of Maths – 2017! In this episode we look back at all the fun we’ve had during our Maths Focus Weeks.

Radio Rudston’s Christmas Special 2016: It’s not that time again already is it?!

Part One

Part Two

Read this year’s Radio Rudston Christmas Story by clicking on this link: Deer In Trouble by David and Jude

Responsibility: How can we take personal responsibility?

Remembrance Day: we reflect upon this important day.

Inspiring People: Listen, and be inspired.

 Respect – this week we review our Core Value for the half term: Repect

Looking Forward & Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday – this week, we look forward to another fantastic year at Rudston. We’re also celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday.

Rudston Story 2016

A new year, a new Rudston Story! Each fortnight, one year group writes the next chapter to the Rudston Story.


Archive: 2015 – 16 Broadcasts

Leavers’ Broadcast – this week, we reflect upon our year at Rudston and say goodbye to Year 6. (This show is temporarily unedited / sound levelled.)

What does it take to win gold? This week we try to answer  Year Four’s Learning Challenge question ahead of Rio 2016!

Desert Island Disks: In this episode, we explore Year Two’s Learning Challenge – Which island would you prefer to live on and why? – and Year Three’s Learning Challenge – Why do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays? 

 Health and Well-being: This week we reflect upon Health and Well-being week and the impact its lessons can have upon our lives.

Leon and the Place Between: This week we jump into the Place Between!

Rudston Story Finale: This week, Eve and Natalie join us to read the gripping final chapter of the Rudston Story – completing the work they stared way back in September. Well done girls.

The Art of Being Brilliant: legend has it that 98% of people react to situations in a negative way. Can you be a 2%er?! We’ll learn about: Random Acts of Kindness, Knowing your Impact, HUGGs and more!

Enjoyment:  This week we focus on one of our Core Values: Enjoyment. We hear from Years 3 and 5 about what they enjoy learning about and we even discuss how helping others can bring enjoyment to ourselves.

Culture Conversation: In this week’s show, Mr Soanes spoke to Salah and Ajay about their families’ culture and traditions. We also paused to remember those whose lives were changed or lost at the Hillsborough Disaster.

Science Week: When there’s something strange in the neighbourhood who’re you going to call? Radio Rudston!

Culture Week: This week we share our family stories and learning from culture and diversity week.

Resilience – As the saying goes: When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Computing Week – This week we discussed all the fantastic activities we’ve enjoyed this week!

Going for Goals – This SEAL topic explores how we can Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Challenge – This Core Value helps us to rise up to be the best person we can be.

Christmas Show pt.1 – Ho, ho, ho! Who will win the Rudston Christmas countdown?

Christmas Show pt.2 – Merry Christmas. Year 5 share their own Christmas story.

Learning Challenge – What have you enjoyed learning about so far this year?

Responsibility – A key Core Value to keep Rudston safe and happy.

Getting On and Falling Out – There are times when friends fall out, but how can you bounce back?

Love of Maths – One of our school priorities this year, so why should we love maths?

New Beginnings – Each new school year brings us a fresh start; let’s go for it!

Respect – One of our Core Values: R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what is means to you and me!

Rudston Story 2015

Eve and Natalie, won the competition to start the story – what a fantastic idea girls! Click on the blue title to read on…

Mr Ball’s Radio Sessions

A group of lucky students have been working with Mr Ball recently to interview members of our community who have had to challenge themselves – a core value of Rudston.

In the first interview, the children interviewed Mr O’Dwyer about overcoming adversity.

Everton U21 Interviews:

Our writing groups, that work with Mr Ball, have used their skills to put together a short letter to ask if Everton could provide any players that have lived through a challenge and would be prepared to come to school and discuss their challenges and how they overcame them, through a radio interview. We were lucky enough to receive a reply and on Thursday 21st April we had a visit from Courtney Duffus and Mateusz Hewelt (Everton U21s). They came into school and we had some really interesting conversations about their injuries and how they overcame them. Thank you to Courtney, Mateusz and Everton for their time and being so honest in their interviews!