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After much hard work from many members of staff,  dedicated volunteers and fantastic pupils,  The Griffith Library (Junior Library) at Rudston Primary School is now up and running!


The website allows children to view their current, and past, loans, including overdue books, search for available books, check out popular reads, view recommended books and follow the library news. Please enter this url into Internet Explorer (unfortunately, this is the opposite to ‘Bug Club’, which uses Google Chrome. Safari, on a Mac OS is, currently not fully supported – although it does work better than Google Chrome).

Select ‘logon’ and enter your child’s barcode (shared in a letter at the beginning of term, available upon request to class teacher) both as the username and password. Additional instructions can be found, under ‘downloads’, on the left-hand side of this page.

iMLS app

An app is available for the iPad, which is called iMLS HD (the iMLS app is also available, non-HD, for the iPhone).

Library Times

Year 3&4 children can use the library on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Years 5&6 can use the library on Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes.

Loan Amounts and Periods

Children have the opportunity to borrow three books at any given time. The loan period is 14 days and the due date should be stamped inside the book’s front cover – please take note of this date and ensure the book is returned.

Overdue Loans

The last books will be issued 21 days before the end of the academic year. Books that have not been returned by the end of the academic year will be subject to a fine of the book’s RRP plus a £2 re-stocking charge to cover delivery. Additionally, books that are six or more weeks overdue will be subject to the same fine in order to replace the book for other children to use.

Written warnings home will be sent before this fine is applied.

Books Currently Overdue

Unfortunately, some library users have reported that their account is displaying overdue books, despite the books having been returned. Please ensure that your child places their returned book in the returns box outside the library. If placed directly on the library shelves, the computer system will not recognise that the book has been returned.

Class teachers will soon be notifying children, weekly, of their overdue books. If you believe that a book is registered as being overdue in error, please either, send a quick email to [email protected], send me (Mr Soanes) a quick note, or see me on the playground after school. Fines for unreturned books will be issued in the last week of term.


Having visited the Childwall Library, and sought professional advice, we are pleased to announce the launch of our reservation system. Please information in ‘downloads’ below for help.


With over 4000 books currently on the shelves, we’re spoilt for choice of great reads to get stuck into! However, we’re always looking for a good new book – and some of our most popular books fly of the shelves. So, if you have any pre-loved books, which you’re willing to donate, we have a donations box in the library; any books that don’t make it to the shelves will be donated to Childwall library or a local charity.

Childwall Library with our Reception buddies!

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I hope you enjoy using the library!