Each class has a weekly SEAL lesson where individual class needs are addressed.  During the sessions the Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) scheme is followed, which looks at different themes throughout the year from New Beginnings to Changes.  In addition to this, where possible, we make links to other subjects, using a cross-curricular approach, as PSHCE should run on a theme throughout the whole curriculum.

We are delivering SEAL across the school to underpin our pshe curriculum delivery. This first half term each class in school had a focus fornight on considering ‘new beginnings’. Each year group considered how special, setting class rules and school rules to make a charter.

Here are some examples of SEAL learning across the school.

Year One

Year One have been talking about their worries and identified different things that worry them. They made “worry dolls” which they could put under their pillow to get rid of their worries. They know who to talk to if they are worried and the different emotions that they may feel throughout the day.



Year Two

Year Two have been focusing on the feelings and have learnt that it is ok to feel upset, anxious, happy, sad, angry and excited. They focused on the feeling of anger and what this emotion can feel like to different people. They have thought about personal calming down strategies.
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Year Three

Year Three created their class charters together looking at rights and responsibilities. They discussed the right to be respected and be treated fairly, to feel included and enjoy school. They then looked at their responsibilities which are associated with such rights and discussed the type of learner they need to be to do well in school.

IMG_4690 IMG_4691 IMG_4692 IMG_4693 IMG_4694



Year Four

YearFour started their new year looking at what they wanted to achieve both academically and socially. They set targets which they hoped to achieve and created a display to help them remember to continue striving towards them. They looked at choices which we make and how to include people in groups. They looked at the rights and responsibilities which they have as pupils at Rudston.

IMG_4703 IMG_4704 IMG_4706 IMG_4705


Year Five

Year Five have really got to know their class well through ice-breaker games . They even created their own board game to find out about a person in their class. They discussed their hopes and dreams for Year 5 .

IMG_4708 IMG_4709
IMG_4711 IMG_4712

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Year Six

Year Six started their year by creating class charters. They looked at the rights and responsibilities which they have and used these to devise the perfect class charter. They then read about the School of Nightmares, where children do not listen, do not get on and are all miserable! They wrote to persuade these children to change their attitudes and used these ideas to create their dream school!

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 year 2 visitors1

year 2 visitors4

year 2 visitors3

year2 visitors2


Look at how we are developing our skills in Making Relationships and gaining confidence in our new setting.   rec1rec2rec3     IMG_8196

MAKING RELATIONSHIPS  Working with our Buddies gives us an opportunity to make different types of relationships. We have to  work hard on our communication skills to develop our relationships with our Year 5 Buddies. photo 3 (10) photo 2 (7) photo 1 (12) PSED, Understanding the World Reception children had an exciting time discovering the Gruffalo Trail in Delamere Forest, with their Year 5 Buddies. The children helped each other to answer the tricky Trail questions and find the fabulous Gruffalo. They collected leaves and autumn treasures together, with one pair of buddies finding matching leaves! This all helped the  children to explore the Gruffalo story back in school. The children loved writing to the Gruffalo and helping him with his phonics ( as he was a little bit stuck!). Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this a day to remember for our Reception and Year 5 children.     foundation2foundation3 IMG_8273



Personal, Social and Emotional Development. All our Children are learning Massage in Schools, working in pairs to gently massage their partner. This has a very positive impact on children’s wellbeing and helps them to be ready to focus. The children think and talk about how massage makes them feel. Please ask your child to show you the Massage they have learned and try it out at home. photo 1 (21)


 Year 1

Marble Jar Reward

The children have 100 marbles to fill in a jar. They earn marbles by displaying the school’s core values. Once the jar is filled they are rewarded with a fun treat. It’s a team effort.

Both Paddington and Elmer class filled their marble jars so were rewarded with party food and games. We are very proud of how brilliant they are. They love learning and being the best that they can be!




Year 2


Year 3


Year 4

Year 4 are learning all about Greece, their history and current traditions. So far they have tasted traditional Greek food, taken part in the Ancient Greek Olympics, made wreaths and have even flown to Greece (hypothetically) for a Greek wedding!

Year 5


Year 6