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At Rudston Primary we are fully committed to providing a music curriculum that provides enthusiasm, self-confidence, creativity, and a sense of achievement.

Through our music curriculum we aim to develop respect for various genres, cultures, and key figures throughout the musical world; including their relevance, impact, and context to today. Children will be able to critically analyse music using appropriate vocabulary with confidence, whilst respecting the thoughts and opinions of others. Children will be able to make relevant links to other areas of the curriculum.

Children develop a depth of knowledge about how music is structured and created whilst exploring opportunities to use their voice and other musical instruments.  Through this, children will develop their resilience in practical situations, allowing them to be open to new possibilities, inspirations, and techniques.

Children will leave Rudston Primary School with confidence and passion for music in one of its many different varieties.


Extra Support

Listen to a range of music

  • ABRSM Classic 100: A range of music pieces that can be divided into sections. So if you are looking for something upbeat or that tells a story click the link and scroll the top of the page until you find the right one. You can even take part in challenges                                                                               –
  • BBC Ten Pieces: This is an excellent resource to explore a range of musical genres and pieces. Each one explains the story that the composer is trying to explore, with captivating videos and some well-known faces. There is even a chance to take part in their yearly competition                         –

Musical Theory 

  • A written and practical guide to musical theory including notation, aural skill and sight-reading                                                                                                                      –
  • Teoria: A useful compendium of skills, sight-reading, and general musical theory. This is especially useful if you want to understand how music is created or need to practice for graded exams –

Fun games and practical learning

  • New York Philharmonic Kids Zone: this is packed with fun games and activities, information about composers, performers, and instruments, and ideas for composition projects                              –
  • DSO Kids: This site gives students a great introduction to music history, the opportunity to hear and learn about the instruments of the orchestra, and tips on how to practice                                      –
  • BBC Bring the Noise: this is filled with games for EYFS & KS1 children as they learn about dimensions of music through games and activities                                                                                                –
  • Music Teachers website: introduction to a range of activities for all ages to learn about the dimensions of music; improving aural skills, and preparation for grading –