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RE and Collective Worship

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Here, at Rudston, R.E. is taught in an interesting, exciting and imaginative way with opportunities for creativity as learning takes place through the medium of art, drama or poetry. The moral, spiritual and social values of the school are underlined as children learn to appreciate the value and diversity of other people, recognising and celebrating different backgrounds and faiths, as we all learn from each other.

This year, we have aimed to encourage the children to become broader thinkers and ask more questions about religions and their teachings. Through collective reflection the children have had time to think deeply about religious values and ask questions. We hope they will then transfer these morals and ideals into their everyday life, demonstrating love, kindness, forgiveness, friendship and tolerance.

Each classroom has it’s very own reflective area where they are able to reflect, feel calm and/or pray. Each area poses a question that helps the children reflect.

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Learning, listening and taking part in our Open the Book assemblies






We had a special visit from a local Buddhist, who shared about her faith and her role in her religion.

imageHave a look at some of the fantastic pieces of work that the children have produced this year


























































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Interfaith calendar

Christmas Production

Below are a few videos of our favourite songs from our Christmas Production – we hope you enjoyed it!

1 – It will all be over by Christmas

2 – Can you hear? (Stille Nacht)

3 – We will remember them.