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Reading and Phonics

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At Rudston Primary  we feel it important to develop a love of reading throughout the children’s time at the school. We encourage all children to actively engage with the texts within the classroom environment e.g. books in the book corners, reading instructions from the board, reading labels, texts from the computer, etc. Children also read to a teacher at least once a week, either in a Guided / Reciprocal Reading session or individually.

The children are exposed to both ‘real’ books and books from a variety of reading schemes. These books are grouped using the book banding system published by the National Reading Recovery Agency.

We teach Synthetic Phonics daily in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. In all our lessons we encourage children to use letter sounds to spell words as well as learning the High Frequency words. We use Letters and Sounds and Year 1 and 2 Liverpool Plans as a basis for our phonics teaching.


Helping your child to read

Here are some suggestions to help you make the most of the time you spend with your child reading.


Do remember it should be fun
Do sit comfortably; so that you can both see the text and pictures.
Do encourage guessing, using the pictures, first letter, or story line clues.
Do give your child help if they are really stuck.
Do ask questions and talk about the book afterwards.
Do read to your child.


Don’t worry. If you do, your anxiety will be passed on to the child and cause more difficulties.
Don’t pressurize your child – pressure leads to failure and lack of confidence.
Don’t tease your child or tell them that they cannot read.
Don’t ask your child to read when their favourite TV programme is on.
Don’t spend too long (ten minutes is long enough), unless your child wishes to continue.
Don’t fuss if your child makes a mistake.

Please read regularly using the books allocated for you on Bug Club. These are monitored and updated regularly by your class teacher.

Book Bags

A book bag with the school logo is available from the Office.