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At Rudston we take pride in the high standards of good behaviour that our children exhibit in and around the school. We believe that good behaviour and respect for each other and our surroundings ensure a calm and productive atmosphere in which to learn. In order to achieve this the school has operated a consistent system which ensures that children are rewarded for good behaviour and that positive behaviour management techniques are used consistently by all staff.

We have very high expectations concerning behaviour and hope to develop children’s understanding of the impact of choices they make, whether positive or negative.

Good behaviour and achievement is not automatically learned. Instead, positive behaviours must be modelled, explained, taught, supported and recognised. The expectations are designed to focus on positive action (I like the way you are walking sensibly) rather than what children should not do (do not run). The expectations are agreed actions so that there is consistency and fairness in all areas of school life. Rudston positive behaviour language is used by all staff to reinforce the approval of children doing the right thing and not to constantly address those who do not.

All children are encouraged to follow their class Charter for Behaviour and are rewarded for doing so either by collecting dojos, marbles for the class jar or by achieving star of the week. For those who do not do the right thing there are a series of warnings and sanctions that aim to allow them to correct their poor behaviour and make better choices next time.

Each class will display their own class charter, written with the children, and all children are expected to respect and follow these statements. They will have signed up to the rules , following discussion and debate.

Rewards for good behaviour and attitude to learning are many and varied. They begin with praise and are reinforced with stickers, certificates, postcards home, phone calls from the teacher and whole school recognition. Every Monday in assembly, children from each class receive a certificate and they are given a choice of prize from a huge box of goodies, before being published on our twitter account to publicise their fantastic achievements! There are whole class rewards when classes fill a marble jar or achieve a specific target and these are rewarded with golden time, extra playtime, a class picnic or other treat chosen by the class.

Everyone is responsible for behaviour of all children and all adults should reinforce the rules whenever appropriate, every parent signs the home school agreement on their child’s entry to the school.

The assembly programme supports the school’s expectations and they are discussed in both the collective reflection and SEAL curriculum.

For further details please see the Behaviour Policy and the Policy into Practice document.