COVID-19 Support

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We are aware that current situation is impacting differently on all of our families. On this page we have compiled some resources which you may find supportive during these uncertain and unprecedented times.

Kooth – an online counselling and well being service for young people aged 10-25 years.

It is a safe anonymous service that young people can sign up to that enables young people to talk to other young people or professionals about issues that they are experiencing in a safe space.

The site is pre moderated so that there is no personal information being giving out by the young person to other young people and contains

  • Mini activities to help if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed
  • An online forum where they can discuss issues with their peers or provide support for peers
  • An online magazine with articles such as 20 survival tips for moving to secondary school.
  • They can complete goals
  • ¬†Fill in online journals,
  • Speak to counsellors
  • Receive support through a live chat where they can talk to someone within the team.

LivPac and parents have put together a page specifically with resources for SEND parents

SEND Parenting