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The School Council is an important forum for children. It enables them to voice their opinions and become actively involved in school decision making, such as school rewards and sanctions. Each year School Council is elected from Year 2 and all KS2 classes. There are currently 20 members, a girl and boy from each of the 10 classes. Council meets 4 times a term for 30 minutes. School Council members all wear badges so that children know who to talk to about their school. Last year, in an initial meeting, our councilors voted to create a team of lead councilors, Chair, Vice-Chair and three secretaries. This enables them, not only to experience different roles, but to be able to voice their opinion in meetings as well.

Latest News:

Main School Council Meeting Cycle

The School council have agreed to a meeting cycle which will allow all pupils in school to have their say on what happens in meetings. Remember it is your school council, so have your say.

Main School Council Meeting Cycle

  • School council will meet every 4 weeks to review progress and set any new agenda items.
  • Minutes must be sent to classes for discussion and be available on the school website the next week.
  • These will then be returned to the Year 6 councillors who will set the agenda items for the next meeting.
  • Agenda items are sent out to classes to allow all children the opportunity to discuss before next meeting.
  • The meetings will be organised and chaired by the year 6 councillors.

Main School Council Meeting Cycle

School council minutes 071117

Next meeting Cycle:

Week beginning 6/11/17 – School council meeting (Tuesday 7/11/17)

Week beginning 13/11/17 – Councillors feedback to class

Week beginning 20/11/17 – Y6 councillors collect feedback and set new agenda

Week beginning 27/11/17 – Councillors feedback new agenda to class and collect views for next meeting.



Monday 18th September – Newly elected School Council meets for first time:

The new school council has met for the first time and has been consulted on the things that they would like to address this year. They have also proposed that the council has sub-committees in order to include as many children as possible in decision making processes.

Click on the link to see their ideas:  School council proposal 17-18

Also make sure you have your say by posting on the school council padlet: Rudston School Council Padlet

(Check your browser settings are compatible to use the padlet)

Rudston School Councilors 2017-18

Year 2

William Haynes

Vienna Gelling

Cerys Mason

Oliver Salmon

Year 3

Sam Langton

Gracie Weights

Maisie Mercer-Edwards

Thomas Wylie

Year 4

Luca Tsanos

Isabelle O’Brien

Ibaad Asif

Emily McCormack

Year 5

Jasmine Lamb

Matthew Pascoe

Isabelle Raffle

Ajay Singh

Year 6

Tom Gibson

Megan Davis


Kiera Spitzer


Next Meeting

Tuesday 7th November





Another successful school council foodbank collection.

Thanks to all those who donated items, they were gratefully received by South Liverpool Food Bank.



Next food bank collection will the first week of July.


Term 2 meeting dates:

Monday 23rd January

Monday 13th February

Monday 27th February

Monday 27th March


Term 1 meeting dates:

Monday 26th September

Monday 17th October*

*(Please note: Now Wednesday 19th October)

Monday 14th November**

Monday 12th December

Congratulations to our new school councillors!

Rudston School Councilors 2016-17

Year 2

Scarlett Jevons

John-Paul Feerick

Annabella Dolan

Conor Moran

Year 3

Ava Jennings

Joe Gouldbourne

Phoebe Aspinal

Luke Moorcroft

Year 4

Lois Makepeace

Andrew Jones

Juliet Whelen-Oakley

Aaron Potter

Year 5

Sadie Hall

Harry Woodcock

Ella Morrey

Lucas Dooley

Year 6 – Lead Councillors

Hollie O’Brien

Nathan Haskayne

Elena Peake

Coen Douglas


School Council Meeting 19/10/16 –Minutes

Meeting Chair: Hollie O’Brien

Feedback from classes / Items discussed

  1. Helping the community:

Cake sale, shoebox appeal, continue with food banks, respecting our neighbours (noise levels), Random Acts of Kindness in the community, Litter awareness around school, charity fundraising.

Food Banks

The council decided that they would like to collect regularly for the food banks. A vote was taken and it was agreed to collect every half term in the first week back after holidays.

  1. Maths No Problem

Year 2 enjoyed working together and using textbooks to help.

Year 3 enjoy using equipment. It’s brilliant. Love to work in groups to support each other and share ideas.

Year 4 like using the workbooks and enjoy journaling to show their learning.

Fantastic Mr Fox vote: 21 children like the new approach, 2 do not

Year 5 like the way it teaches hard things in an easy to understand way, enjoy working in mixed ability groups and think it is fun.

Year 6 say that the activities help them to remember their learning and particularly enjoy working in guided groups.

  1. Fundraising for school ideas

Selling Easter eggs, coffee mornings, sponsored dance off, wellie walk, bake off, school play, bake sales, teacher/parent football match, sponsored sports week events, toy day, picnic mornings, school council magazine.


To be discussed in class for next meeting

What else can your school councillor do for you?

What could be done to make behaviour and safety around school even better?

Would you buy a school council or school magazine?

How many children in class have school dinner? What do you like about them? What could be better?


Please ensure you have your say by sharing your ideas with your school councillors before the next meeting, Monday 14th November.

School Council meeting Minutes 26/09/16

The school council had their first meeting on Monday 26th September.

The items put forward for class discussion were:

1.      The community beyond school (Food banks, being good neighbours, helping in the community)

2.      Maths No Problem – Do you enjoy the new approach to Maths? Does it help you to understand Maths better?

3.      Fundraising for school – suggestions for raising school funds

Please ensure you have your say by sharing your ideas with your school councillors before the next meeting, Monday 17th October.

Food Banks

Last Christmas the school council organised collection of items for the local food bank to be collected. The response was beyond our expectations, with 2 cars full of food being delivered to the local food bank.

Thank-you everyone and well done to the school council.