Governors’ Information & Duties

On behalf of the Governing Body of Rudston Primary School, welcome to our website.

In September, 2012 we embarked on an exciting journey as a new school which, together with the on-site Sure Start Children’s Centre, will be responsible for educating children from birth to eleven. This will now enable the School to provide continuity of provision throughout these vital stages in our children’s development.

In the past, Rudston Infant and Junior Schools had excellent and well deserved reputations not just for their academic results but for their teaching in the arts and sport as well as for working closely with the whole school community.

We believe that our School’s role is not just to achieve examination success but to nurture the whole child in an atmosphere of creativity, fun and challenge.

We believe that it is not a matter of either aiming for good academic results or for exciting education: the two go hand in hand.

We trust that you will join us as we move forward.

Do enjoy the website.

Chris Ball

Chair Of Governors 

Who we are

The governing body of Rudston Primary School is made up of a collection of people which includes the schools head teacher, elected members of school staff, elected parents and selected representatives from the local community.

What we do at Rudston

We have some big responsibilities, making important decisions for the school. This involves things like looking at how the school spends its annual budget, ensuring the school meets the requirements of the national curriculum, setting targets and monitoring achievements. We are also involved in things like staffing decisions and ensuring that the school premises are well maintained. As well as these, overall, we aim to do whatever we can to be supportive of the school, it’s staff and all of the pupils.

How are we chosen

Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school, school staff governors are elected by their colleagues and community representatives may be chosen by the rest of the governing body.

When do we meet?

We usually meet once or twice a term. Meetings take place at the school, in the evenings.

How can you get your ideas across?

By approaching us directly if you see any of us in or around the school. You can also contact us in writing via the school office. You can find out more about becoming a Governor by visiting the Liverpool City Council Governor web page.

The governing body of a school is responsible for ensuring that it is run to promote pupil achievement. Its duties include:

  • setting strategic direction, policies and objectives
  • approving the school budget
  • reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives
  • appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

The governing body is made up of:

  • parent governors (elected by parents)
  • staff representatives (elected by school staff)
  • local authority governors (appointed by the local authority)
  • community governors (members of the local community appointed by the governing body)

If you would like to ask the governors a question or contact them please send an e-mail to

Governor Services

Liverpool’s School Governor Services team provides help, support and guidance on governance issues.

Governor Services Contact Details

If you have a query on any governance matter, please contact or telephone  0151 233 3911

If you need information on governor appointments please contact: or telephone  0151 233 3939.

To book a place on a training course please contact or telephone her on 0151 233 3944 or fax to 0151 233 3942