Out of Hours

Rudston Out of Hours Club takes place in our Children’s Centre which is situated within the school grounds but is separate from the main school building. Children have the opportunity to take part in adult led activities and clubs as well as being able to take part in free choice play in a safe and secure setting.

Limited places have now become available for our Afterschool Club and Breakfast Club each day of the week for parents who may need a space at short notice for pre-registered children. The places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.   

Breakfast Club is charged at £5.00 per session

After School is charged at £10.00 per session

For further details, please contact the Manager Natalie Smith on 07514 497676 or ideally email her at outofhours@rudstonprimary.co.uk to discuss availability.  All accounts must be in credit.