Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team

Miss Wendy Walters – Headteacher

Mrs A Mulvaney – Deputy Headteacher & SENCO

Mrs J Cavanagh – Assistant Headteacher

Mr I Robinson – Assistant Headteacher

Mrs H McLinden – School Business Manager/DPO

Foundation Stage Classes

Lambananas – Mrs Cavanagh

Liverbirds  – Mr Thomas

LSP’s– Mrs S Lamb, Mrs J Rogan

Year 1 Classes

Iris – Mrs C Jones

Snowdrop – Mrs K Todhunter 

LSP – Mr T Smith 

Year 2 Classes

Strawberry Fields  – Miss R Myers

Sergeant Pepper – Miss D Smith

LSP – Mrs S Goodwin

One to One support – Miss H Rogers

One to One support – Mrs M McNaughton

Year 3 Classes

Delamere – Mrs. H McElhinney 

Sherwood– Miss E Myerson

LSP –  Mrs L Shacklady

Year 4 Classes

Mersey – Mr S Thomas

Thames – Mr I Robinson

LSP’s – Mrs S Arrowsmith & Mrs K Franklin

One to One support – Mrs G Turner

Year 5 Classes

Chavasse – Mr J Clarke

Attlee – Miss E Jones

LSP’s – Miss R Conway

One to One support – Mrs K Hewitt

Year 6 Classes

Turner – Mr J Griffiths

Walker –  Miss A Kinsey-Jones

Tate – Mr T Carney

LSP- Mrs P McGowan

One to One support – Miss K Shacklady

Additional Teachers

Mrs J Kelly – Art and PPA Teacher

Mrs V Darmody – Cover teacher

Miss A Fisher  – PE Coach

Administration Team

Mrs H McLinden – School Business Manager

Mrs R Davies  – Finance & Personnel Officer

Mrs S Killey – School Clerical Officer & Clerk to Governing Body

Mrs T Sillifant – School Clerical Officer & Attendance Officer

Learning & Wellbeing Mentor

Mrs N Townsend

Premises Staff

Mr R Newby –  Site Manager

Mr K Carpenter – Caretaker

Bright Stars Pre-School Team

Miss L Horton – Manager

Mrs F Brooks – Deputy Manager

Mrs C Morgan – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs L McLennan – Early Years Practioner

Miss R Griffiths –  Early Years Practitioner

Ms G Mason –  Early Years Practitioner

Mrs K Singh – Early Years Practitioner

Out of Hours Club Team

Mrs N Smith  – Supervisor Playworker

Miss K Shacklady – Assistant Playworker

Miss R Atkinson – Assistant Playworker

Miss E McGrath – Assistant Playworker

Kitchen Team

Mrs L Crawford – School Cook

Mrs C Morris – Assistant Cook

Mrs M Moffat – Catering Assistant

Lunchtime Play Workers

Mrs N Smith

Mrs C Doughty

Mrs A Larkin

Miss K Shacklady

Mrs A McDermott

Mrs K Hewitt

Ms S Brady

Cleaning Team

Ms C Flynn (Supervisor)

Mrs M Amara

Mrs J Byrne

Ms A Cummings

Ms E White