Health and Wellbeing

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The health and welfare of the children is monitored closely. When children enter the Reception classes they are given medical examination by the school nurse. Every new child is given a similar check-up. In addition, sight, hearing and dental checks are carried out at regular intervals. The school nurse visits on a regular basis to conduct health assessments, and invite parents along.

We have numerous members of staff trained in First Aid to look after any child who becomes sick or injured whilst at school. Parents and carers will be informed immediately if we think a child is too unwell to stay in school. If your child is unwell in the morning, it is advisable that he/she should stay at home until fully recovered, as we have no facilities for looking after sick children.

If a child is receiving ongoing medication, parents are allowed to come into school by prior arrangement to administer this. Medication cannot be administered by school staff without prior agreement: please visit the school office to discuss this. Medicine and tablets must never be given to a child to be brought into school. We will ask you to fill in an Individual Medical Care Plan if your child has medical needs. Please advise the school if there are any changes to your child’s health which the school should know about

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