Year 6 Videos

Why we love Rudston

As our time at Rudston comes to an end…only eight weeks remain…we have been thinking about what make Rudston so special. We were asked by Mrs Mulhaney to produce ‘media’ demonstrating our love for Rudston!

Below is Wilfred Owen’s attempt to put into words why we love our school.


Important News!

Booster sessions are due to start Monday 2/3/2015 and run for 5 weeks – 3:30 – 4:30

SATs homework timetable has been updated in the downloads section.


Here is a link to a game that we have played in class with Irene. It teaches us all about the names of foods in Spanish!

SATs meeting

Please find below a link to our powerpoint presentation from today’s worskhop (Wednesday 25th March 2015).


If parents would like to view or download any previous SATs papers, then they are accessible at

Pigeon Impossible

After the success of our series of Literacy lessons on Broken, we are looking at another animation called Pigeon Impossible. Take a look at the video below! Watch out for some of our work from the film in the next week or two!

Our own – Pigeon Impossible trailers!

Take a look at the trailers we have created for Pigeon Impossible!

pigeon Please send us an email to let us know how much you enjoyed them!

Broken – Rock Paper Scissors

Our Literacy at the moment is surrounding this fantastic, award winning animation. Have a watch… but be warned, you’ll need tissues for tears at the first watch!

As you will notice from watching the video, there is no dialogue between the characters… but we have that covered! We used our drama skills to suggest what the dialogue would be between the three main characters. Have a look at our results below! Enjoy   🙂

Safer Internet Day 2015

Safer Internet Day 2015 will be celebrated globally on Tuesday 10th February with the slogan ‘Let’s create a better internet together’.

In year 6, we have been discussing why such a day exists and what we can do to promote such an important event.

Our podcast below with give you an insight!


We even created videos of our Safer Internet Promises!

How can you keep yourself safe on the Internet? Watch our guide here


For more information check out –


This week we watched a video as stimulus for our forthcoming literacy work.

Here is a link for anyone who wants to see it again!

Homework (23/01/2015), will be to create an advertisement for a ‘Hoverbike’. Please remember all of our planning and what makes a good advertisement. How does it persuade a reader to buy?

The past few weeks we have been retelling traditional nursery rhymes and stories.

An excerpt from Robin Rooney – 

Hello, I’m Daddy Bear and I’m going to tell you what really happened with Goldilocks!

One day I was working out (with my squats and star jumps) while my wife made porridge and baby bear played bop-it. That’s when the batteries ran out; baby bear didn’t like that! I thought quickly and said “let’s go for a jog by the river, the porridge needs to cool and it’s a good change of exercise. We’ll pick up some batteries on the way,” I added hastily seeing the look on my son’s face. So we did. But one of our pretty, but horrible neighbours, Goldilocks, saw us and the cheeky thing sneaked into our house through an open window without us noticing. And guess what she tried to do? Eat our porridge! Being as fussy as she is, she only ate Baby bears because the other ones were ‘the wrong temperature’. Next she added, “daddy bears’ bed is lumpy!” It’s not my fault I have a secret stash of chocolate under my pillow; maybe that’s why I need to exercise so often.

Check out this video of a group of year 6 children, retelling the story ‘The true story about the 3 little pigs’.


Love of Reading Week (w/c 5th January)

Book Quiz – Years 5 and 6

In “Storm Breaker”, what does the villainous Herod Sayle keep as a pet?

In which English county is “The Secret Garden” set?

What does Charlotte first write in her web?

What is the name of “the world’s cheesiest animation technique” used in the Captain Underpants books?

In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, who was the first child to win a Golden Ticket?

In “Artemis Fowl”, what kind of creature is Mulch Diggums?

What colour were Dorothy’s slippers?

What is the surname of the orphans in “A Series of Unfortunate Events”?

Who wrote a series of books with titles such as “Donkey on the Doorstep”.

What is the name of Harry Potter’s godfather, and where was he imprisoned?

A small slip of paper, with at least 7 correct answers, will earn you 3 DOJO points if given to any year 5/6 teacher this week!

Christmas Production

Below are a few videos of our favourite songs from our Christmas Production – we hope you enjoyed it!

1 – It will all be over by Christmas

2 – Can you hear? (Stille Nacht)

3 – We will remember them.


The children in Wilfred Owen have been developing their knowledge of programming language within computing sessions. Recently, they have been given the opportunity to start to develop their own ideas and games.

Georgina Jones has began to code her very own ‘PacWoMAN’.


Still plenty to do, but certainly a fabulous start and innovative idea!


During literacy, we were asked to put ourselves in the position of Jim Jarvis, the star of our current book, ‘Street Child’. Jim faced a difficult decision whether to leave the workhouse in search for his family, or stay where he would have a guaranteed meal and roof over his head.

The ideas shared were extremely interesting.

Below is a few pictures of ‘conscience alley’, a drama technique that can be used to share persuasive arguments with a given character.



Guess who?

Who has written this autobiography?

I was born 2nd October 2003 have had three hamsters and many fish in my life, but I currently have 2 guinea pigs. My favourite is food is like many others; McDonald’s. I have been to the United states twice [NYC , Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago]. I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older…not yet. I usually watch videos and play games on the computer at home. I occasionally watch T.V. but I usually look after the guinea pigs. I have one older sister who is in her 20’s and has a fiancé who is from Northern Ireland. My favourite subject is Computing. I like dinosaurs, trains, planes ships , dogs and creatures.

If you think you know who has written the autobiography – please tell Mr. Long as soon as you can!

(3 dojo points for the first person with the correct answer, 2 for second and 1 for third!)

Signing Choir

Over the past few weeks, our children have been learning sign language. We are using our new skills to sign a Christmas song.




NEW for December!!

Below is a link to some FANTASTIC videos that Irene – our wonderful Spanish teacher – has recommended. Here you can hear Spanish spoken to you, check pronunciation, learn grammar and simply have fun learning a wonderful language!




Following the extremely successful ‘War Horse’, our topic has now changed giving way to a new class reader…

Street child [Webimage 800 x 600]

We will be using this text over the next few weeks in literacy and to coincide with our new Learning Challenge Curriculum question –

Victorians; peasants or pioneers? 

Drama time!

Below are just a sample of pictures from our recent literacy lesson.

Our goal was to explore the text through drama!

The ‘Love of Reading’

One of our priorities this year is ‘ The Love of Reading’.

As you can see from previous updates, we have been working hard on promoting reading with our children.

From reading buddies to our new library, Bug Club to our reading areas; we have made some huge changes!

Below is a picture of a piece of work we completed in year 6. It would be good if parents and children could talk about why they love reading, their favourite books and favourite authors!

love of read

There is even a copy of the document the year 6 children completed in class in our ‘downloads’ section.

(Do it together if you wish!)

Street Child

Children hard at work analysing the speech within a text.

IMG_1984 IMG_1985IMG_1986IMG_1988

The ultimate aim was to produce a playscript at home.


Who said learning can’t be fun?!


World War 1

Our topic this term is based around WW1. We have learned a lot about the War in many ways. Here is a snapshot of what we have experienced… More pics to follow as we undertake more!


Enlisting in classes, learning about the requirements of soldiers – age, job etc.


Developing our frontline techniques!


We had a visitor in school who shared a wonderful array of World War 1 memorabilia.



We have been studying War Horse, by Michael Morpurgo.

Below is a picture of a small group of children creating an ebook about the first few chapters.


Below are some short video books that some children have designed using our iPads, demonstrating what we have learned so far in our World War 1 Topic. Click on each file to download the video.

Beth and Zoe            Amy Georgia D

Jack and Erica        Jake and George

Josh and Georgia   Lucy and Harvey

Mia and Harvey      Sonny and Amy




We have been learning Spanish with our fantastic teacher, Irene. She has taught us lots of Spanish, including how to say our names, how we are and our numbers.

The following videos are multimedia books that we have created, including sound and video clips of our Spanish. Enjoy them!! Adios

(Click the files – they will download to your machine and play! Pause them to read the information)

Amy Jake Sonny Spanish              Amy M Georgia D Spanish

Chris Harvey F Khan Spanish      Jack Erica George Spanish

Josh Georgia Spanish                    Millie and Mia V Spanish

Owen Jack M Spanish                   Zoe Beth Spanish


War Horse!

Our learning journey has finally brought us to the end of a chapter – War Horse.

We have now finished reading the book and today, watched the film!

As inquisitive learners, we compared the two and suggested reasons behind any changes.


The film marks the end of an extremely successful literacy topic – one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

Reading Buddies

We love reading!

Year 6 and year 1 have been teamed together to become ‘Reading Buddies’.

This afternoon we all got together to share our favourite books.

The excitement among all children, and teachers, was incredible.

A fantastic afternoon sharing learning – Dream, Believe, Achieve!


New classes; new names

Children from both C.S. Lewis and Wilfred Owen, were asked to use technology and books to research their respective author.

Below is an example of the popplets they produced – excellent work!