Mathematics is a key skill and core subject that all children need to feel confident with, through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems. It is used in daily life and helps us to make sense of the world around us.

Mathematics is taught discreetly in all classes each week but is also taught cross-curricular to allow children to consolidate and apply learning. Basic skills are also integral to our drive to further our children’s learning in mathematics and thus, timetabled throughout the week.

 Maths lessons at Rudston Primary are delivered using Maths No Problem Scheme which is endorsed and supported by the Department for Education.

Children receive regular maths lessons and revisit knowledge through regular basic skills activities and fluency sessions. Our Maths lessons are also creative and we use Active Maths Sessions to support and engage our pupils.

In addition we also provide children opportunities to enhance their fluency through enrolment in Times Table Rock Stars, Numbots and Maths Shed.


At Rudston Primary we are fully committed to providing a maths curriculum that is creative and connected to the wider curriculum. Children develop an understanding of how the subject is critical in many areas including science and technology and how a solid understanding of mathematical concepts are vital to their dreams and ambitions. Through our Maths curriculum children develop a love and curiosity of maths developing their fluency, reasoning skills and problem solving techniques. We make connections between maths and other subjects allowing our children to develop their confidence and competence in solving problems. Children leave Rudston with a respect of maths and an understanding of its significance in the wider world. We aim to give children a solid and stable foundation which will prepare them for more advanced learning in the future.