RE and Collective Worship


At Rudston Primary we are committed to providing a R.E. curriculum that provides children with the opportunity to reflect and relate learning to their own experiences. All pupils will be included in the delivery of R.E. with their own views and philosophical beliefs fully respected at all times.

Children will be provided with a broad curriculum which includes the study of religious beliefs which reflect the school, UK and global community.  This will include the study of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism.

There are opportunities for children to explore religious theory and challenge their own understanding, whilst developing a deeper appreciation and respect for the topics studied.  Children will be able to reflect on the impact that religion and beliefs have on individuals and their communities. They will develop an awareness of questions raised and how different religions answer them.

Children will leave Rudston Primary School with the ability and sensitivity to ask challenging questions, to seek answers and form discussion with others about their religious beliefs.